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Once you go global , there's no coming back - a webinar with Fabiana Casella

8th July 2017

An interesting webinar which I saw in July was presented by  Fabiana  Casella for IATEFL webinars online-
She is a great teacher who shares her ideas with other  teachers and has built a community of learners thanks to her network and her activities online.

Here is an interview which  she had with Shelly Sanchez  Terrell:

The main  focus of her webinar : the beginning was  about the way she became engaged in cultural awareness and global education.   She's from Argentina but she has lived in the USA and once she got back home she started to work on the idea of working with the others and sharing ideas about  the opportunities offered by  global education projects.
First of all she found a  great mentor online and then she started sharing and working online.
Shelly Sanchez Terrell made her change her attitude and while working online she  became an open educator.

She said that she is shy but after meeting virtual educators she started working online and sharing ideas and working on her  PLN:

The webinar focussed on the importance of being connected and how she built  great projects by using technology so that her students would work with other students.
She mentioned Skype as an interesting tool used for sharing ideas with other students living far away from her country.
You can find a report about her work online and her project in this  interview:

The other educators shared the project in their blogs too: I must say that  I loved what I saw.  Engaged educators loving working together in different parts of the world with  their classes.

This is her Padlet where she collected the main documents to showcase what this international
 group  had done together:

Made with Padlet

The project she shared with us is also described in these  slides :

We're on the air from Theodora Papapanagiotou

In the final part of the webinar Fabiana  shared her ideas about  the best tools that she likes using when teaching  English:




Thanks to IATEFL for giving us the possibility of meeting  FABIANA online.   She was really  engaging in providing tips and presenting herself as a connected educator who has worked on her  development and now has a social life which is in relationship with other great  educators.

It is true :  Once you go global, there's no coming back.

More  ideas  from  Fabiana Casella and education

Finally my  certificate of Attendance from IATEFL :


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  1. Thanks for this great post!. I never knew you had written such a wonderful review of my humble webinar!

  2. Dear Fabiana,
    You have been a great example for me and other educators. Sometimes I feel that if people were interested in their work and in better education we could have a better world. You have inspired many educators, I am pleased to have learnt from you !