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Podcasts and ELT

Podcasts   offer great opportunities  for  listening in English .Teachers and learners can benefit from  working online  and listening to them. In some cases learners can also  download them  and listen to them  many times so that they can  work on the language and  on summarizing the content.

Good leaners  need to work on their  listening skills and today we can really  improve our level of English. Teachers can rely on  them for learning more about  the topics they are interested in and these podcasts can provide really interesting documents which are worth  listening to. 

This interesting  webinar with  Pete Sharma  explains why we should  use  them and suggest listening to them :  I cannot but  agree with him.  The Language exposure can develop our students' listening skills and  podcasts can provide good quality language input.

Some Useful Links for  Elt  Learners

Searching online : thanks to a directory you can search online and find many weblinks for  English leaners.   ( it provides with  some old  podcasts with  different levels of English)

VOE LEARNING  ENGLISH : this American  website offers interesting recording which students can listen to and which have been developed for  Elt leaners   (

The BBC: the webisite offers a lot of material, in some cases you need to download  the podcasts.

If you check online you will find a lot  of interesting podcasts and all of threm deal with culture and radios. Choose what might be interesting and  work on them with your students.

Learners of  English can benefit from  listening to activities with podcasts :   the British  Council offers really interesting  activities  online


I have discovered a lot of interesting websites where you can find  podcasts-
is one of the most important ones.

You can find interesting interviews in English and learn about many topics.

The Platform AUDIOBOOM  offers some more opportunities for listening to interesting  audios:

There are many  podcasts and we need to select what might be useful for our  lessons or for our  self-development.

Listen to what I have  found online, but  I am sure that there must be many more.

Enjoy  listening to them!!!

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