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Teaching Reading and Extensive Reading in ELT

Last year I could do an interesting Mooc thanks to Coursera and it was a Mooc which was focussed on the issue of Teaching  Reading Skills in English.
The course was  Teaching  EFL/ESL Reading : A Task-based Approach and  it was run by the University of London UCL Institute of Education.

One of the language  instructor was Dr. Amos Paran :

The syllabus was based on 6 modules :each week we had a task to do and to discuss the issue with the other learners.

These are the main topics which we covered in the syllabus :

- What is tasked based Language Teaching?
- What is Reading and what does it involve?
-  Teaching  reading in the Second Language Classroom
-  Focus on Language in the  Reading  Lesson
-  Extensive Reading
-  Designing  Reading Tasks

 I am particularly interested in reading as I feel that reading is a skill which needs to be enhanced    and which requires a lot of work done at home.
Good learners are usually good readers and most of the students I teach need to be supported by the teachers as they are struggling learners.

One of the activities which we had to share had to do with creating a learning  environment where students are encouraged to read.

This is my task where I explained the importance of a  classroom library and how technology can help them share their ideas about what they have learnt or read about:

All the activities were assessed by peers and I had to focus on the tasks of the other learners.
For the fifth week I had to present my Extensive Reading Assignment: you can find it online as I have published it:  

Coursera Module 5 Presentation About Extensive Reading Peer Graded Assignment

Finally in the sixth week  I created my  Task-based Reading Task:  I feel that if we  worked by following these ideas  dealing  with tasks we could probably reach better results in the students' language acquisition and improvement.   You can find my task  here :

I really liked the approach  and I think that we should more  focus on task-based tasks  as traditional approaches do not help our  learners.
Engagement, doing tasks which can help the learners to learn also by doing and reading to widen the cultural horizon of the learners is a way for achieving better results and becoming better learners.
I will focus on some websites which offer interesting reading tasks online and ebooks  in my next posts.

                                                Resources to learn more about  TBA
My post about  TBA:

Here is an interesting  interview with  Prof. Ellis  dealing with the issue of  task-based approach

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