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Teaching Art and English

Teaching Ideas about  Art and  English

Claude Monet rue epicerie Rouen
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Last year I started teaching in a secondary  school where students specialize in Art, Drawing, Fashion and  Media studies. In the Italian school system it  has been classified as " Liceo Artistico" and this implies that our learners are involved in learning about Art and  usually love Art.
I have always been a lover of  Art  and  ever since I started  studying  Art at secondary school I continued learning about  it.
As our school system has been reformed we are working on new methodologies and competences. Teaching  Art implies working on images, scultures, and architecture. In the final year of the secondary school our learners will have to be able to use  English in learning about  some school subjects they are doing. They can do this if they can use the language correctly both in writing and in speaking and if their  teachers are  competent in English.

Teachers of English  do not teach  these subjects but they can help teachers of the other subjects in teaching their subjects in English.
The term which has been introduced to define this type of teaching in English of the content of other subjects is  CLIL.

There are many sources online  dealing with  CLIL. Last year and also in 2017 I could do the  EVO sessions about   CLIL and we  were provided with lots of  websites and tips. Most of the teachers who did them were teachers of  other subjects , only a minority were teachers of English.

Here are some weblinks and  important  documents which we can use to introduce the language which is related to the topics the students will learn about. The team of teachers working with students will share  the content, the language input and the tasks or projects which need to be done in order to work in English.
Most documents are in English and students can read them, work on the comprehension and also listen to them. A  B1+ or B2  level in  English should be required but I think it is important to start learning in English  and getting the students interested.


This is an important  blog with lists of websites that can be usef by teachers.


The online community is now sharing ideas and tips.  It  would be better to find more ideas about  English and Art  but I am sure we will find more materials.

Sources for images

It is important to choose the right images and check if they are  copyrighted.  Here you can find links to images about art which you  can use if you  provide the link to the owner of the images, for ohers which are not protected by  Copy Right you do not need to provide the  name.

                                   Source :
                                   Public Domain image

                  Public Domain image

WikiArt  is an important  project where you can find a lot of images and most of these are now in thre  Public  Domain. Check the images online and you will find the information  on the website


This is an important  website which offers over 1,500,000 images. They are all free and you can download them and use them freely.

Images can be used  for introducing  a topic or for working on the  language required  in  describing  a place, a paintings and for using  English in a  less controlled  task.

I have used many images from this  website as they are good quality and you  can use them  in  students' presentations with  Padlet or  Thinglink.


We can find a lot of interesting  presentations about  painters and their works: here is   a presentation about  Van  Gogh

                                          Degas   and the  French  Impressionists

                                          An  American in Paris:  Mary  Cassat  

Some of the most important  museums have  their  channels: you  just  need to  check them.


The National Gallery of  Ireland : Soundcloud

This website offers interesting   podcasts for  listening  exercises - most are related to  Art or

the history of  Ireland.   It is   worth trying!!

Social Networks

Today many socialnetworks deal with Art and there are a lot of  groups online. I like Twitter as they  try to promote special events and some museums and  art galleries can enhance our learning about  Art as they promote events which can also be found on the Intternet  later.   If you are abroad you  can  take advantage of such information to get to know more about  special events. 

Finally ,I would like to remind you about the importance of  Google with  its  Project - Google Art:

I happened to check it  and  I  visited  a lot of interesting  places !    

My advice is  very simple: try working on some images and choose some  videos and you will
start working with  Art  in  your  classes.

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