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Using Videos in the Classroom

Teaching  English  by using   videos provides interesting  language input for learners.
I have always thought that I could have learnt more in the past if I might have relied on viewing clips and short videos in my English classes as a learner. Hopefully, our learners can see a lot of documents online and  there are a lot of Youtube channels which can help teachers develop  great and interesting lessons. Some channels  are free and they can develop their listening skills while  learning new idioms or new words.
This teacher's guidebook can help us think about better ways for implementing our lessons. It was presented by  David  Deubelbeiss who is involved in providing  support and  lessons for  Elt learners and also  ELT  teachers.

Video in the classroom - a teacher handbook from English Central

If we teach English or any foreign language we are also aware of the importance of  engagement while  learning.

For this reason I think that  Shelly  Terrell who is an expert in using  technology has some interesting ideas about  using  Video Projects while doing  also English.
Our students live in a digitalized world and use many apps and smartphones. We should take advantage of these tools - some are free and thus we could also use  video creations for  using the English Language in a meaningful way.
Students will learn how to choose  images and music, they will be focussed on a specific topic and will try to make their own presentations. They will work together and they will develop their digital skills while having fun.

Some ideas and topics  for  Video  Making in  ELT:
-  creating an advertisement for a product  for students  studying   Business English
-  an interview with a  famous  artist or a singer
-  presenting  a book you have  read in English
-  presenting your  town / your country  in English
-  presenting your lesson about   a grammar topic  - students can revise what they have learnt
-  creating a story in  English
-  creating a lesson about   history or literature in English
-  making a video to present a project 
Which  skills?
English Language  Skills  : speaking and  writing
Digital  Skills
Critical  Thinking  Skills

Competences  ?

Learning  together as a Group

Selecting and  choosing  materials and tools

Discussing and  agreeing

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