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An Interesting Conference online mainly dealing with Students'  activities  with the focus on STEM and  ENTREPRENEURSHIP                                          

4th  March 2017

                                           Access to Recordings on line 

I was online and did some webinars- I was favourably impressed by the presentations of the students who shared ideas and made me understand that education is changing everywhere. Projects and  the use of Internet are reshaping our lessons and tasks. This is happening in the developing  world and  also in countries  where technology is not always  the best. Our students need to be equipped with the best tools and they should know how to work and live in this new world.
Dealing with STEM implies that educators aim at providing  learning opportunities that can open new job opportunities in a world that is globalized.  In most countries  STEM is considered  a priority as girls usually prefer to study humanistic  subjects. Hopefully, things are changing.

                                     Worth  checking

Robert  Hernandez  " Jovrnalism" -web journalism
It was an interesting webinar dealing with the changes that are  happening in the world of media.
The presenter focussed on the use of new media tools, virtual realities, games and also art. He provided with interesting examples as he is currently  teaching at university.
I would  suggest watching the recording.
Finding and Using Great Open Source Media - Presenter   Margaret "Laney" Blair
An interesting but also short presentation focussed on how to use  Open Source Media
Using  Google search for images:
The Search Engine for  Creative  Commons 
                                   Using   Soundcloud for listening to  Music
As more and more we are working online , it is important to know how to use sources!
More links online for finding pictures :
Haltern am See, Westruper Heide -- 2015 -- 7965-9.jpg
By Dietmar Rabich - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link ( free photos for bloggers)
 Here is an example  of a picture which I found by using this website
misty morning

photo credit: Piyushgiri Revagar misty morning via photopin (license)

I searched online and found this interesting resource dealing with open domain  and also creative commons:

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