martedì 8 agosto 2017

First Day of School and Back to School

Beginning a new  school year and how to approach  the learners

The key words are  " get them engaged " and "  make them feel part of the class " 

It is importat to start in the best way and to remember that learners need to be  " cared" and find interest in what we are going to do.
It is vital to be focussed on the relationships and our  learners.  If we don't connect with them, we may lose them. When  beginning a new  school year and when meeting our  new learners we are  asked to be " open" and more " interactive " with them, so that our first meeting can have a positive impact on our way of working and their learning . Dealing with  teenagers can be hard, we must remember that  if we  cannot  establish a  good relationship , we might  find a lot of difficulties as they will  skip our lessons and feel that they cannot manage with the new subjects or learning English in my present situation.

Sources online :

Reflecting on the first day at school  : reading a poem in English


Here are some interesting  reflections which some educators have  provided us with.
I am aware of the difficulties but educators need to  focus more on the learners than on the " content" when dealing with them on the first day at school.

Finally, I would like to go back to the precious  tips which  Shelly  Terrell shared in her  slides
last year:

Back to School Survival Tips from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

I hope your students will have a nice day on their first day back to school this  year!!

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