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Edmodo Conference 1st August 2017

I have just learnt how to use  Edmodo. I have no classes yet but this  summer I did a course run by one of the Ambassadors of  Edmodo in Italy- they used  Edmodo and it was really nice to work with other  Italian teachers who shared their activities.Working on Edmodo was easy and I could enroll in just a few minutes as I had the account.  I discovered some interesting activities which  we can create online for our  learners and which we can use while working in this  learning  enviroment  with our  students.

I think that I might try it this year as it is  a safe environment and  it is well-organized.  Students and educators are supported, they have communities and can learn together.
I was invited to watch the conference they had planned to do in August and I did  it, I tried to watch as many sessions as I could and  it was really engaging and  interesting.
Here you can find my reflections and what a lot of teachers shared in the conference.

1st  August   Edmodo Conference 2017- An opportunity for educators to share their experience with Edmodo

On 1st August I followed the  conference online which they  presented in live streaming  and I appreciated the passion of the people who have made  Edmodo one great community of  learners and educators.

It was underlined that they had set up Edmodo having a  mission: connecting  learners and I think that they are doing this quite  well.

There was a great introduction and all the speakers focussed on the importance of being connected and providing learning opportunities for everybody. Edmodo is user-friendly and it can also support the teachers who have to work with large classes. Edmodo offers a learning platform which can be assessed by learners, educators and families.
The experts and developers of  Edmodo  focussed on the new features for the new school year. You can see the video which I have embedded and which explains why we should try using it. Teachers can use it for working online in interactions and for testing students too!
Learners in the XXI century need to be able to be connected and work online, teachers can rely on quizzes and  sharing materials and quizzes. This implies a revolution in teaching which is loved by the educators who shared their views.
The speakers were people like me and also experts in education

                                       Edmodo  and   Personalized  Learning

Why should we choose this Platform?
It was underlined by many  speakers that we can focus on the learners and their learning.
Technology can really support us!!

Edmodo and  Connecting Learners and Communities
Why  Teachers  love  Edmodo

Teachers  can save  time
What Edmodo is offering for the New School Year
Assignments  with  Edmodo
Edmodo as a  Virtual Learning  Commons
Dealing with  complexities in education
An Italian  Ambassador : Lucia Bartolotti  speaking about her  experience

Lucia Bartolotti was a great speaker who  presented the Italian community and what she had done for the teachers who were supported  by providing translations and some important functions. She also underlined the importance of  getting connected  by using also  mobile phones , which is  a peculiarity of the Italian students.  I have met Lucia only virually but I really loved listening to her speaking and showing how  hard she must have worked to help develop the biggest community of teachers in Edmodo.    
Teachers speaking and sharing their ideas about  Edmodo

More Teachers discussed the issue of using  Edmodo and what it can offer. I cannot but try to use it. 
The recording has now been uploaded and I am going to check the  speakers I could not see online.
Tweets Worth Sharing

Thanks to the  speakers and  I am  looking  forward to next year's  Conference !

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