mercoledì 15 agosto 2018

MMVC18 My Reflections online

In the last three years I have  followed many virtual conferences online, among them there are  some run by  Dr. Nellie Deutsch. Each conference has been organized on the Moodle Platform and learners follow the webinars online and share ideas about the event.  Badges and certificartes are awarded if you reflect on some webinars.

I have been online in the last two weeks and seen some of the webinars I have really liked in this conference- MMVC18.

I have created some links online where I wrote about the speakers and their ideas.

The main topics are about  language teaching and also the use of technology in education.
Educators from all over the world  present their experiences and provide tips to old and new Teachers.

Here is the flipbook which I have just uploaded and showcases my reflections online:

Link online :

  I cannot but thank the great presenters who worked online from 3rd August to 5th August and Nellie Deutsch who worked nonstop for three days.

I will be online also next year, maybe from Ireland as I am going to spend some weeks there next year.

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