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WEEK   4                                                       

Reflect on  your own schooling. Did you go to a "good" school? What "residuals" did you take away from your schooling, and how has it helped you subsequently?

I have attended state run schools, but I was lucky to go to a  special school from the age of 14 until I was 19. The school had an innovative  syllabus and  teachers who were eager to learn more and were  experimenting new ways of teaching  in the 1970s in the province of Reggio Emilia, in Italy.

It was a good  school because there were good labs, good teachers, students could choose the subjects they were interested in and later at the age of  16 they chose what courses they wanted to do.

The school was modern and there were a lot of educational facilities: in some subjects we had no books and  in many others  we had the chance to  work  like  biologists and  carried out some experiments in the science or  physics  lab.

Today the school has  changed but  old  students still send their  children there, it was a great experience   we  all learnt  a lot.
Today the school is  40 years old.................and it is still young

Now I am a   teacher but  I still remember the nice experiences I shared with some students and also some  Teachers. I was a shy person but   they gave me  a lot of support and help  and loved what I did in some  subjects : languages, history of art, Italian, philosophy and  lots of  nice  articles in English, German we read and worked on........................... They OPENED MY  MIND !!
When I think of  a model of  school  I can  only say that every student  should not  only learn  subjects but  they should also learn values and  how to work alone and together to build a better student's mind, the citizen of  a  modern  country.


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