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What definition of  intelligence do I have?
Intelligence has nothing to do with  good results at  school.................................. some of the most important  men of the XX and XXI  century  have not studied at university or have studied on their own and achieved  great success................................. intelligence  marks human beings and at school it is difficult to say why some students learn better than  others.............................

                   My reflections  after  week 2

My past life as a  student and how I learnt

I do think of  intelligence as a special gift given to very smart  people. I was  assessed in my years spent at school and at university, but  teachers assessed my performance orally or in a written  task. I was asked to write about  a topic, to  present a topic and to answer about a topic.  I had to do this in all the subjects that I had to do and study. I never took any IQ tests: my parents were not interested in them; I was a good student and  I wanted to achieve a lot, but  most of all I wanted to be the best student. Learning, studying, working on my  own were the main goals in my life starting from  my  first years. I loved  learning all the main subjects: history, art, biology, Italian, maths, science, grammar, literature, French, German................................later I went to university and I chose what  I liked to study and learn: languages and literature. It was my world  but again I did not consider myself an intelligent person:  I was  a student who  was  proud and wanted to get the best and most out of  what  school and university were  offering me.    I was  INTERESTED and this is  the main reason of my  success in achieving   good results, sometimes they were the best of the class , sometimes they were  acceptable but  I had learnt how to run and organize my knowledge and now I  can say that  after years of learning   I am  a good learner. However, my teachers were sometimes not good at encouraging my self-development and I must say that what I learnt was more in relationship to my interests, some teachers were not  good teachers or  they did not care .  One person I can   remember is my  primary school teacher: she loved her job and she loved us, she would  follow us in the next years and  wanted to know how we were making progress and she loved to give us some advice.

In terms of  educational  facilities  I was offered  good  and top level quality in secondary  school while  the university was a very traditional environment  where I  had to cope with  low level  professors sometimes and  I could not  develop myself.  What boring  lessons  did I have  to follow and what  boring  texts to read!!  

My teaches never  talked about my  intelligence: they only  recognized that  I was a student who worked hard.

                             INTELLIGENCE   AND  SCHOOL

After reading the  texts about intelligence which have been  suggested for this course (1) I still believe that teachers  can make the difference:  good students can  achieve  bad  results if the  learning  environment  is low quality and if  teachers do not know how to cope with them.  Every student has a lot of potentialities  but it is up to  their tutors and teachers to help and develop  their skills and  abilities.  I know that there are special schools for  bright students, but I feel that the future of education depends on how school systems  can cope with  more students  and give them  the best in terms of  tutors, critical thinking and  help in developing  their mind.

Maria Montessori is for me a  great woman who has  helped children to grow ............................................

References for these reflections


The myth of ability   in



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