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                              WEEK   3
What  Makes  a  Good  Teacher?

Any time I think about my past life as a student I keep telling me that a good  Teacher is more than  a teacher, good  Teachers  love and take care of their  students, they are not  NUMBERS.

A   good   teacher is  someone who  loves  supporting you and can understand you if you have difficulties...........................................

Thursday                         16th October   2014

Yesterday I went to a  teacher's refresher seminar organized by our  local Language  Group for  English Teachers. The topic was  Objective: LIFE LONG LEARNING  through REFLECTIVE  TEACHING AND LEARNER  TRAINING. It was  an interesting  reflection made by a teacher who is working  at university and shared ideas with us. We got back into our  past life as students and we were  asked what we liked and what we did not like when we were at school and were just  learners. It was interesting to see how    FEELINGS  were  so important. Professor ANILA S.Scott-Monkhouse of the UNIVERSITY of Parma made us  think  and  I realized that  once you  get entrapped into the process of teaching and feel you  are under  pressure to cover the syllabus  you  do not  Always think about your  students in  terms of  people who  are involved in your  lessons.
She left us by  using  these  words:

Before you  say anything
Remember the  educational   importance of   self-esteem. 

I think that we should all   rember that  a good  teacher  does not destroy the self-image of the student, each student is different from the Others and each student is important.  They learn  little by little but  we should encourage each person and   tell them that they are important and  they are the  player of the lessons.  

What  makes  a good  Teacher?
A good  teacher can deal with the problems of the  students who are Special, Today we have  a lot  of  students with  Special  Needs, disabled students and students  with dyslexia.

                             SELF - DEVELOPMENT
What a good teacher   can  do in order to become  a  better  teacher
- use  blogs and  social  forums for  teachers
-  take  part in  conferences , webminars, special courses for  teachers
-  work on his/her  self-development in terms of courses or  special  webminars that might  enrich  his / her teaching  tools
-  write  a reflective diary
-  meet  other Teachers and  share ideas with  them about  best practices and also difficulties

              WORKING ON LINE.........  FROM HOME.............................
My  favourite  web sites and the ones which I usually use for studying on line and Learning  more  about Language teaching in general:
 -   ( Humanising  Language Teaching)
-  ( to learn more about  new Technologies and teaching )

What I think............End of week  3

I have  had  good and bad   teachers in my school life. Referring to the film DEAD POET  SOCIETY  I should say that  the teacher of the film is  a good   example of  someone who is  a great  supporter for  his  students. He loves them and they love him but  at the beginning of the film they may find him an unusual  man and teacher. Once they get to KNOW  him and his  approaches  they are involved and entrapped into his lessons and will  discover the world of poetry.  I had  two great teachers in my school life :they taught me   Italian and  History of  Art  and  I will never forget them  because they  cared and made me love  what they were doing with us.   
By quoting from   W.A.Ward  we could   say  " The great teacher   inspires"(1) . Unfortunately in some   cases our students  have to  face the coldness of their teachers, not  always   teachers can be  people who  inspire  students, they may have  difficulties in establishing a  relationship and interact with them.  
A  good teacher is a person who changes gear when he/ she realizes that  students do not  always understand what  he/she  is  trying to explain. Good teachers are able to make    their  teaching  better by reflecting. Critical reflection should  help  teachers to  approach teaching and learning in a different way.
Teaching is an on-going  process and all good teachers  should  cope with the main  achievements and  difficulties and  think more about  the best  teaching  practices they should  have.
The classroom climate is also crucial for having  better  learners. "Outstanding teachers create an excellent classroom climate and achieve superior pupil progress largely by displaying more professional characteristics at higher levels of sophistication within a very structured learning environment. " (2)From the discussion we  had with other  teachers it seemed that  most of the good teachers  work hard for their  students. This is true in many cases, I would also add that a good  teacher is able to  cope with the complexities of life, in terms of   students and their  social background; in addition more and more  teachers  may find  themselves in the situation of  having students with disabilities and/ or special needs- in particular  in compulsory education. The lesson can be planned, well-designed but  when  we enter the classroom we have  different   students who might react in  a different way, and it is our  duty to understand and  help  them, especially the less able ones.To conclude a good teacher is  a person who  is used to thinking about  his/her job and  never stops   learning to become a  better teacher .

(2) _____________________________________

                  References for self-development

 -   Towards Reflective Teaching by Jack C. Richards  Department of English, City Polytechnic of Hong Kong  
- Reflective teaching- The Principles and the Practices    ENGLISH TEACHING  FORUM- October  2003

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