venerdì 1 aprile 2016



I am pleased to be part of the Birmingham Online IATEFL 2016  also this year.  I have just been  registered as  a Blogger and I will try to follow some  sessions. I will be  a virtual  learner and I hope I will be engaged in the many activities that will be presented.
40 conference  sessions and  great  speakers are  sharing their  ideas about   English learning and  will provide us  with  tips, suggesting new approaches or  reflecting with us.

I will  write about  some events and  what teachers need to  know about  English.  On 13th April we will have the  great speaker of the  Conference   David  Crystal and then  we will have  other  speakers  and teachers who will inform us and make us  reflect on the great  world of English.

Looking forward to the Opening  Cerimony and the  events online!


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