martedì 19 aprile 2016


ALAN  MALEY  " Ten great educators and their legacy"

Day 2- 14th April  2016 

Children come first for  great educators........

Reflecting on the ideas we can share with educators from the past.

I was favourably impressed by the great presentation by Alan Maley. It is a must " read and see"  for every educator as the focus of his presentation was on the many voices of educators who have changed education. We have had " mothers and fathers " who shaped new ways into teaching and learning and just from the  names he has mentioned we have the best of  the thinkers   who have tried to change the old school systems that have roots in the XIX century.

As I am Italian I liked the way  Maley remembered the great ideas by  Maria Montessori , but also the man  John Dewey who  criticized the way schools taught children in the past. 
Today we have  Ken  Robinson who has talked about new ideas about teaching :"  Education should foster curiosity through creative  teaching".   I am always interested in learning about  new ways of teaching and learning so I can  understand why these ideas are still " part" of any innovator in education.

There should be a shift from the teacher to the world of the child and the learner and creativity should not be killed.
I feel that the great videos  Maley has suggested watching should be  shared here :   sometimes I feel that I need to find new ideas in the world of  the innovators of today's changing school system, but  we owe much to the past and the ideas which were developed by people who are inspiring us.

A  great  lesson comes from the XX century and the many educators who  tried to  meet the children's and students' needs. 
Thanks for  reminding us that we are not alone in this mission of educating more people and need to " support" everybody and help them develop their " best" qualities.

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