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Teaching the 4 C's and Education in the XXI century

                                          Education in the  XXI CENTURY
The 4 Cs for Education : Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

I learnt about   21st Century Skills when I did one of my first MOOCs  and then I took it a second time in 2015  - just check what I wrote   about them  in  my website about this experience online which was  really  challenging

It was then that I  became  aware of  the new skills which we need to develop.
Here is a video which can summarize what we mean when we talk about education and the 4 C's:

I did   the Mooc  about  COACHING  DIGITAL LEARNING  some months ago and I am pleased to write about what we learnt and  shared  with other teachers about the importance of the  4 Cs: 
the MOOC-ed course was run by  Friday  Institue- an important American Institution that provides  MOOCs for educators and which I have appreciated   - more information can be found on line:

Details about the  course  are online  :

COURSE   CONTENT ( 6 units)
 The essential questions for this unit are:
  • What is your vision for instructional technology coaching?
  • How will you guide educators toward building a digital learning culture in your school, district, or state?
  • What essential dispositions and skills are necessary to be a instructional technology coach?

The essential questions for this unit are:
  • What are the digital age skills and how do they enhance digital learning and teaching.
  • What does your current personal learning network look like and how can you expand it?
  • How do you, as an instructional technology coach facilitate continued learning for those you support?

The essential questions for this unit are:
  • How can TPACK and SAMR guide educators to the best intersection of curricular standards, sound pedagogy choices, and digital tool selections to directly enhance and support student learning?
  • What should you look for when planning or observing technology-infused learning activities?

The essential questions for this unit are:
  • How do you know the teachers you support understand how to design and support technology-rich learning environments?
  • What digital assessment tools and data do you use/ are you considering using to inform your practice and why?
  • What strategies, frameworks, or rubrics will you use as guidance in selecting digital tools/resources to use in your work?
  • What insights have you gained upon completing the Transformational Coaching Rubric?

The essential questions for this unit are:
  • In your role of supporting and guiding educators, how do you share lessons, develop strategies, and more importantly, model best practices to create responsible and skilled digital citizens?
  • How can you create a safe and responsible digital culture in your school, district or state?

This unit presents you with a high-impact opportunity to develop your course of action developed out of the previous units. Participants will construct a manifesto comprising of their:
  • Mission as an instructional coach
  • Vision for digital learning and teaching
  • Goal for their instruction and practice
  • Plan to share learning with others


    The ideas expressed by the experts make me think that we do need to work on the skills students will need in a new " world and reality "- which is being reshaped and asking us to work, live and study in a " digitalized", " connected"  and web-based society.

I am not a coach but my interests in IT and Web 2.0 tools have led me into the world of technology and how new tools can really support our teaching and help  our students.

What I liked in the MOOC were the ideas shared and the approach to  coaching and  teaching  new skills.
This is my first video  created with  PowToon imaging myself as a coach who needs to work with the teachers in the school and support them and their work and wants to promote the 4 Cs.

The tutors provided us with a list of websites and articles online dealing with the issue of  technology and teaching and  the way coaches can work in a school. 
Personally I wish I could become a coach but I need more  training. In the school where I am working now we do not have  technology so I am learning and I hope that in the next years  I will be able to share my ideas about a new way of working where more students and teachers are engaged and maybe we have more successful students. I am starting now to learn and  I will work on my skills as an educator who loves working and wants to develop  as a  keen learner .  

The four Cs are high objectives in terms of  performance but if we can work  step by  step we can enhance our  way of working in class and outside class and help our students to develop  new skills.
I liked the article suggested online dealing with the idea of working with adults and professional development:

High quality professional development ( PD) can be  successful if we plan and create carefully, facilitate learning, build on existing expertise, ask for feedback and  celebrate. A coach needs to establish  goals and  good relationships with the teachers who are  often afraid of modern technology.


Resources    ( the document can be downloaded)

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