sabato 30 luglio 2016

ELT and Teaching Literature

An interesting webinar about  English and Literature with  Amos Paran

This month I had the opportunity of following an interesting webinar which was run by OUP.
The main speaker was Amos Paran who introduced interesting ideas about how to work in English and  introduce  Literature.

As I had appreciated him previously in a MOOC about  teaching reading in English lessons I was willing to learn more about  his ideas. I was not wrong as what  he presented were  good tips for working with any type of text while we can work in English with our  learners.

The approach to teaching  literature  has changed since I did it many years ago as now we work on the learners and their interests and how they are feeling. I must confess that I am going to use some of his  ideas and I hope I will put them into practice next year as I am likely to work more on literature with my students.

Some key  ideas about  teaching Literature :

-we do need to support our  learners who will be later  engaged in reading  longer texts

-tasks need to be  appropriate

-teachers should be passionate about literature

-it is important to design  learner-centred activities

- activities should be task-based and centred on the  meaning of the texts

- relevance to personal issues is important

When we want to develop  a reading project on extensive  reading we should let the students choose what they are interested in.

Students can later work on the homework and choose to make a video, a poster , write an article  or make an oral presentation .

I will write about extensive reading in my next post where I will describe the interesting MOOC which I did online thanks to Coursera and which I finished in July.

Among the many activities which he suggested we  have  discussions about the book/text,  creative writing and get the students  engaged. Reading clubs and reading circles are also a good way for practising the language.

I have collected some interesting links online in my padlet and they contain more tips and ideas about how to work on literature in ELT :


Here I am sharing a padlet about a novel - Pride and Prejudice-  which I created when I did a MOOC about  Jane Austen: modern tools can help us introduce the topic or we could ask our students to work online and make their own presentations.

Using new media and tools can enhance our students' skills too: today is Emily Bronte's birthday and when I checked on Twitter and found this hashtag:

It is important to remember that today we have plenty of sources and also a guided discovery online can be the starting point for getting our students involved and learning about topics, issues and also poets and writers we would like them to learn more about.

Literature is not only reading a book alone or analyzing a stanza , reading literature can become an engaging discovery while our learners are using English and developing their reading and writing skills too.

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