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Professional Development online

Summer : it's   time to  relax  but  we can also recharge our batteries  and learn from the others.  

This summer I have been working on my  CPD and I have done some  MOOCs and  some interesting webinars.   Now  I am going to share some interesting online events which  are offered  for free, most of  them  are also run  during the  school year. You just need to  plan your  timetable and see what is on.

                           Friday  Webinars   by  Shelly  Terrell

Just 30 minutes of  great ideas, web links and tips for any teacher  who wants to  change  his or her way of working.
It is a must for everybody who wants to learn about  new tools and also to  make  learning an interesting adventure. 

In Italy   I usually watch the webinars at 10.00 p.m. now- regularly on Fridays; time changes when it is  wintertime, usually it is 12.00  p.m..

Shelly Terrell is  a great speaker who can get everybody engaged and teaches what can work in learning environments and how we  can better our  lessons.  

Free Friday Webinars, by shellyterrell

Today she shared her ideas about  the best way for getting back to school:  it was a great " manifesto"
for getting our students  more engaged starting on the first days spent at school. Some activities were suggested for younger students but I feel that she has  provided plenty of ideas about how to get connected with families and students when we start a new school year.

Back to School Survival Tips from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Mobile learning was the topic of  last week's webinar: although it is difficult to cope with new technologies also in my country, I feel that " mobile learning" should not be considered a problem and we should use technology to create  learning environments in which  our students can learn, create and work on their presentations while they are collaborating online.

Learning to Go: Mobile Learning from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

                                                   CLASSROOM  20.COM  
The link to the webinar page is  found easily on the web :

Every Saturday   there is a webinar which runs for one hour and the great presenter is  Peggy George who has worked  for this group of  teachers  who share their skills and knowledge in  modern  technology and education:  webinars are usually at 6 p.m. in Italy and you can receive a certificate of participation if you submit your form at the end of the webinar.
All the webinars can be found online  thanks to the recording which  are embedded and can also be found on Youtube :

The new webinars will be in August after they had a  holiday break  in  July.

                                            Free opportunities for  learning online

Peggy George  made  a great presentation online  about  free online webinars : the video and the material can be accessed online :

The great  LiveBinder that Peggy  prepared for us is  a great source of web  links for anyone who wants to learn on line:

Click here to open this binder in a new window.


I have come across   Globinars   -  and I have found some interesting  webinars in English : one was  the above mentioned webinar  by Peggy George while  on Monday I watched an interesting one about  the FLIPPED CLASSROOM:

The access to the list of webinar is online :

The activities are all  managed by Juergen Wagner  who works in Germany :

Webinars are in German, in  Spanish, in English and in French. You can enroll and then you get  the web link for accessing the room of the webinar. Most of the webinars are  planned until next year.
If you register , you will have the links to the presentation and also the slides once they have recorded the webinar.

It is a great opportunity for  learners living all over the world, usually the time is  7-8 p.m. now.

                                                            AUGUST   2016   

From  5th to 7th  August a  VIRTUAL CONFERENCE ON LINE thanks to Nellie  Deutsch who has worked on different projects  dealing with teaching and  learning by using   modern technology:
the webinars are a source of interesting ideas - just follow this link to see what she has planned to do

                                                       September   2016

            Edupassion:  a free conference online 
                                    3rd September 2016

Lots of interesting  ideas and  lots of people who are  working  in education and sharing what they have learnt and achieved........

I am looking forward to watching some  webinars  and see if I can implement my teaching.

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