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                            LEARNING ABOUT  PBL

Thanks to a European  Mooc platform-  
I could do an interesting  course online in June and July this year. I had come across it by chance and  I realized that I should learn more about the best practices which are needed in today's classes.

This is my  learning  Diary : we were asked to write about it every week and to work on our project. We shared ideas and discussed as developing  PBL  requires a lot of planning and information about what we want to achieve.

We used  new tools and we learnt a lot as we shared ideas and information about  PBL.

At the end of the  Mooc I could get a certificate and the badges for doing all the  activities  in the four weeks.

The activities were engaging and really interesting and provided tips for anyone who is new to PBL.  Teachers from different parts of the world took part in the MOOC.  We worked on peer assessment and we could see and share  our projects.

You can find here the  Twitter hashtag for the four weeks where the tutors and the teachers involved in the MOOC could learn together

What I have learnt :

-  PBL  requires  planning, thinking and  a group of  teachers who share ideas about the best ways for guiding and helping the students
- Students can learn a lot by working  together and by approaching  learning in a different way
- Learning can happen without  a  face-to-face approach  if we
rely on the students and their engagement.

A detailed guide about this online experience and more links can be found in my website :

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