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Emma Mooc: Guerrilla Literacy Learners Summer 2016

This summer I could work online and do some Moocs which I could not do during the school year.

 In July I started this Mooc which is part of a  European Project- Erasmus+ : it was interesting as I could think about my way of working as a teacher of English and how I can " get " my students more engaged.

Guerrilla Literacy Learners  is a course focussed on  learners and their needs and how teachers can help them become successful. It is based on the practices of teachers who have worked with students of different ages and learnes who have been struggling. We also watched videos based on the experiences of teachers working with immigrants : this is an experience which I have not done but in my  activity I have  often had  learners who had just arrived and did not speak any Italian . It was a difficult task for me to work with them as they did not even have a good English.
 The framework of the course is developed in four  modules- the  course ran for 7 weeks  and in the summer it was offered on a self-paced basis.

The main focus was on different aspects  of our teaching  practice:
-  theories and approaches as regards  teaching  foreign languages and teaching in general
-  the focus on the importance of making mistakes in learning and how to develop activities that would meet the learners' needs
-  ideas about how to create  a positive learning environment by using also new tools and social networks
-  great emphasis was given to interaction and  ways of  talking and communicating
-  using graphics and images while teaching to get the students' attention or to lead activities which might enhance language  practice
-  new learning activities where students are engaged and work while they are learning
-  working on assessment and new ways of assessment  : Peer and Self-evaluation

Here you can find my learning diary and the  links to the activities which we were suggested  doing, reading or the videos  we watched online. I have bookmarked most of them and  I will try to use some tips related to the way they suggested working with students. I feel I will have to work more on collaboration and peer and self- assessment.
The manual which was written by the teachers is a great source of information about what the project was about. The videos are online and are really interesting clips for any teachers who has worked for years and still needs to  reflect.
At the end of the course I had access to the certificate of participation: it will be part of my portfolio and CPD.

This is the  Tackk which I have created in August: I wish to thank the teachers who worked for the Mooc and provided me with useful tips.

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