lunedì 15 agosto 2016

MMVC16 My Reflections

              Reflecting on the webinars

The events took place from 5th to 7th August under the supervision of Dr. Nellie Deutsch.
It was an enriching experience. I could watch a lot of webinars dealing with different topics from teachers who love teaching to  self-development and free  CP online.

Here you can find the slides which I made for the final reflections, they will be updated but I wanted to share some interesting events which are worth seeing online and are worth discussing as educators are the ones who  work hard on creating the best learning environments- sometimes this can happen also in difficult situations.

I have also made a short video which I have shared with the other teachers who took part in the Virtual Conference - a lot of speakers  but  also a lot  of  teachers learning online and sharing ideas:

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