martedì 16 agosto 2016

Learning from the others - how teachers can get their students engaged and control their learning

           Listening to the Interviews with
          some inspiring  Teachers

I have been following some good teachers online thanks to  Twitter. These teachers are sharing their best practices and have described their approaches when dealing also with difficult class situations.

I wish to thank Shelly Sanchez and Vicki Devis who provided me with these interesting interviews. After reading, teaching and working for years I still think that a good teacher can understand when to change the approach , it may be difficult but teachers are " responsible " for helping their learners who need to share ideas about the best ways to work together and support every learner.

It seems that we do need to rely more on our students  in order to cope with their difficulties and help them support their learning and also self-esteem. Talking with them and  establishing rules are the beginning of a  long time spent together  while learning  together.

 Here are some interesting interviews which can help us understand  why teachers need to inspire
their learners and help them regardless of the problems they may have . Some tips can be useful also for us who are working with older students in secondary schools.

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