mercoledì 20 dicembre 2017

Dickens and Christmas


Some  years ago I was in London. I was doing a  Teacher Refresher Course and I visited some houses which had been inhabited by important  English Writers and Poets. This was part of my  CPD as a teacher doing  the course.
It was  a great experience for me since I could visit the places where some of them had  written their works.
I visited  Charles  Dickens Museum and my adventure into visiting this kind of museums   would never stop.

Christmas is associated to  Dickens.
Dickens was associated to London and the Victorian  Age.  His works are well-known and most children have  read his famous  books and stories about  Christmas:

This December some  people might go to the cinema and see  the last  film about  Christmas and Dickens but  I think that  this document provided by the British Library can  help us understand the man and his time:

I think the film may be interesting and worth seeing but reading the book which he wrote to celebrate Christmas is much  more involving.                                                                                                        
You can  find some  nice editions online and read something  which can make you  see the beauty of the old  Christmas when Dickens  wrote his  stories.                                                                                                                                                                                    

For younger  children you can find  a nice cartoon  in English:

Merry  Christmas !!

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