sabato 2 dicembre 2017

Google Slides - Thinking about how to work online and give homework

This year I am working with two new classes of the First Year at Liceo G.Chierici in Reggio Emilia.
I am working with another teacher, Daniela,  and we are trying to implement our teaching activities not only by working longer hours  with our students but also by providing more  materials for our English language  learners. We do some extra tuition and students will have extra-hours  with an English mother tongue teacher from January.

Last summer we prepared activities to reinforce the students' language performance . We asked the  families and students to work by doing some activities which were presented online.
I chose Google  Slides as they are easy to make and provide lots of links; they can be embedded in websites and also in wikis.

The slides can also be  used to create ebooks online.

Since we are going to finish the first term by 23 December, I have created this slide for one of the classes.  They are working on reading activities in Italian too and  therefore I have  created a slide with links to a short text in English with a text and a video about  a famous  book- Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The students have also been guided to work online by doing more  language revision online.

Here is the  document which  I have also shared in the blog which I have  created :

Our aim is help  the struggling  learners to empower and learn better.  We would like the students to learn on their own and  develop some skills that are often neglected  when teaching English.

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