mercoledì 6 dicembre 2017

Teaching about Pollution while using posts online

Water Pollution with Trash Disposal of Waste at the Garbage Beach
Attribution : [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you are searching interesting materials that are related to real problems and in particular pollution, you just need to check online and you will find lost of interesting posts shared on social networks like   Twitter and  FB.
 I have been working on a Mooc  about   the Earth recently and what we can do to save it. I will write later about this online experience, but I would like to share some simple and  easy to understand texts posted on Twitter.
I was online in September and found a post dealing with cleaning  coasts and beaches, I bookmarked the information shared online and later I found this interesting one  dealing with pollution and how  we should cut plastic pollution:

Internet and  Social Networks can help us when dealing with  these issues while working on the English  Language with  our  students: we could work on the Language used and try to involve our students  in creating  presentations and taking part in activities that can save the Planet  Earth:

The next lesson for us is to create activities in which we  try to be more careful when dealing with the issues  related to our  environment. The  sources can be found  online.

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