lunedì 2 aprile 2018

Books and Literacy

Today we  are  celebrating  books and children. I came across this important event while surfing the web and  Twitter.  In general children  love  books and  reading  them, but we do need to  help them  love  them as   reading can open your mind and your creativity.

Books can open new paths into Learning  and support  learners. It is important to begin  reading books and loving them when you are young. Once you have  started, you will continue doing it.

Students who are learning a foreign language  should be encouraged to read on their own.  Children's book can help also struggling learners as they may read something they have already read. Hopefully , we can rely on many free books online and also  on ebooks.

Here is an interesting article for   English  Language  Learners which I found online

It is important to underline that reading  requires  a lot of exercise, learners need to work on this skills and how to approach reading- teachers need  to be supportive and be able to help them  choose the right books.

Have you ever started to read a book in English, then given up because it was too hard? Check out these useful tips from one of our bloggers to help you! Watch the video then read the blog here:

Let's celebrate  today and  let's invite  our  learners to  read for pleasure.

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