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Liberation of the Concentration Camp Bergen-Belsen on 15th April 1945

15th April 1945

Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp was liberated.  Today I was online and I came across the Tweet which the Auschwitz Museum had just  posted to remind us about it.The images and the events that occured there  must be remembered by us.  Thousands of people  died there because of the belief - most of them were  Jews  while other people   fighting against the Nazis. 

I visited this camp many years ago, we could not see much about  the  camp but we learnt about the stories of men and women who had  died there.  Among the people who were killed  or died  there we have the famous  young girl whose Diary is still read  today:  Anne Frank.

 I was visitng the camp with my students and an old  Italian man who  had been  imprisoned in Germany and he was  presenting the voice of a person who had survived- many are not living anymore. We learnt how  the war had changed  people and violence had shaped the lives of the many who were living in concentration camps.

Let's remember and  let's work together to make this  world  become a better world today.

Link to the concentration camp:

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