sabato 20 luglio 2019

Remembering the first landing on the Moon

Fifty  years  ago we had the first men landing on the moon. The event was  awesome and as a little child  I could but not imagine  my life in a new land, the moon. I cannot remember much but  I thought the  human beings could  get any planet in the universe.
Since then men have experienced  new discoveries  but  we have also  faced difficulties.

Since I love writing and  I am interested in creativity and English  Language learning I could find this interesting ebook online created by using  an app  Story Jumper. You must  read it and be inspired.

Book titled 'Puggy visits the Moon'Read this book made on StoryJumper
It is a great tool which can help your learners write about themselves and enhance their ability in writing, storytelling for example.

 The Merriam Webster dictionary  has provided some  language input  which is worth sharing:

Here you can listen to an interesting document online  shared thanks to  Listenwise:

And here is the poem by one of the greatest  English  romantic  poets:

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  2. Thanks for reminding about this, my friend from loving bird