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8th March Women and Education- Education and Women

Education and   Women-  Women and Education
"One child, one  teacher, one book ... can change the world "

A young girl talked to the world and asked for a pen as she wanted to be able to learn and write and continue  learning on her own.She underlined that  her wish to continue  learning  was  a necessity in a world where  girls and boys were forbidden  to  have access to learning and education.  She risked her life and after she left her country she could recover and she could talk to the  world - you can read her speech  and see how powerful her words are for us also today:

Education is important for every person, but  for women like Malala  education has  a special meaning.  Education means  freedom.

Women 's voices have  always talked about the need for freedom and literature has seen many voices of writers and poets who thought that  " women " should be given the same chances as men.

Now in the XXI  century we are still fighting against prejudices and a lot of girls and women are fighting to get access to their freedom. This happens in poorer  countries but also in some developed countries too. It is their right to exist that can cause problems in their societies and also at work. It must be difficult to get recognition to their right to exist as " free  girls  or women".   

Shakespeare's sister

The great writer Virginia Woolf was interested in the conditions of women and why they could not achieve the same goals as their brothers.
Read the text online
   Listen to the commentary about the text   Shakespeare's sister by V.Woolf: we cannot talk about her as  women's life was based on the family's choices when Shakespeare became a great dramatist.  Girls could not choose but  obey and get married. There can't have been  a  female Shakespeare and if she had existed she could not have become as famous as her  brother. 

I have always  liked this text as it presents the woman's point of view and it describes how hard life must have been for women who wanted to become writers. The XX century meant more rights  and  writers  like    Virginia Woolf and  Dorothy Richardson  could become writers, journalists and choose their own life. Among the many  female  writers I have studied  I love thinking about   Virginia Woolf ,  and  the others who  reshaped the novel at the beginning of the XX century. They are now  great  Giants in the  English Literature. 

What we can do at school

We can teach about the forbidden rights of women: internet can offer a great number of resources online and useful tips:

In the same website we have access to a list of  activities :

Women's Suffrage: a viewing and listening comprehension for teachers of English who want to discuss the issue at school

 We can also  watch a video about the presentation of the film  " Suffragette" and  learn about the period of the suffragettes who suffered deeply while they were fighting to get recognition of their rights. 


If you check on most social networks you will find a lot of pictures or slogans and documents.........  As  I am on Twitter I am just checking some  and sharing them with you  

Let's celebrate and let's remember that education can really change the life of  girls and  women  in the  world.

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