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William Shakespeare

Shakespeare and the English  Language: 400 years of Shakespeare

2016 marks an important anniversary in the history of the English language. The year has been characterized by international events about the Bard, his works and the language presented in his plays. It is said that he died on 23rd April 1616 in Stratford-upon-Avon, the same place where he was born. 
As a teacher of English I am an eager reader of his plays and most of my trips as a learner have focussed on the plays and the sonnets he wrote.  These are some videos which have been shared online and that focus on the man, the poet and the dramatist. Much has been written about his ideas and what language was presented in his plays. The English language, Modern English, was born with him and today we still rely on many quotes from his plays. Also modern  literature has links with his plays.
Here you can find  interesting  documents online about his works and the English language: students and teachers have watched the conferences online and they have shared their ideas. I was so pleased to watch the events online!

An important event  was  " Shakespeare lives- live " which was run by the British Council and presented many voices about the way we still consider  the Bard and his tragedies.

Among the great  tragedies he wrote we have " Romeo and Juliet", a tragedy about love which is still important today and read by our students.

Social networks have also shared ideas and pictures about this important  anniversary:


Teachers have now  access to many resources  about the best ways for teaching his plays


By following the link you will find the recording and the  slides of the presentation. The webinar was on 14th January 2016.

Here is my collection of  websites for learning and teaching " Shakespeare and his works"

William Shakespeare my favourite web sites, by italianteacher


  Follow Tiziana's board Shakespeare THE BARD and more on Pinterest.

In February I also wrote my ebook about   English learning and the topic was  Shakespeare and his play " Romeo and Juliet":  I chose this  play as there is much online and I wanted to create some activities about this tragedy that has been studied by thousands of students.It was a nice way for  devising  activities to be done by the students and I had to rely on videos online. Youtube was the source of most of the links but as you can see not all the videos are now online.  

Tools to present   William  Shakespeare: for educators




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