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Getting into the past  and learning about  
the  Easter Rising

2016  marks an import anniversary for the Easter Rising when a group of Irish men  tried to fight against the English in Dublin.  Some women were also involved in the  riots. 
I happened to be in Dublin  in 2013 and 2014 and I was told that Dublin would celebrate the 100th anniversary with lots of events in 2016.
In 1916 there was an important  event which marked the history of the island and people would never forget it.  You can find articles online, learn about the heroes and the men who wanted the land to become free. If you walk along the streets in Dublin - in the area of the Post Office- you will find  the names of  people who were involved in the events.  I keep on telling myself that you can learn a lot about a country by visiting  its places and streets. Dublin is  a  piece of history in every corner of the city. Irish people are proud of this history.
This video is about the past history of Ireland and explains why the Irish  wanted to become independent from  the UK:

The poet  Yeats wrote about the  event  : you can  read the text online here

This is a reading aloud of the poem by  the actor  Liam Neeson: the text is a sad reflection on the death of those who were involved in the rising. The lines from the poem can be found in many  tweets which I am going to share with you.

If you search the web you will find more documents  that remind us  of the death of the  Irish heroes in 1916:

Made with Storyboard That

Resources online

For teachers

Classroom resources for teaching the Easter Rising

LITERATURE  ( Topic  Easter 1916 to the Troubles  ( The poets of the  Easter rising)

As a teacher of English  I have always been interested in the conflict between the Irish and the English in the XIX and XX century. I have learnt a lot by reading online and by visiting Dublin when I did a course about teaching  Literature in English and when I  could learn more about this city and its past history. 

I am on Twitter and so I have found  interesting hashtags about the event: you can check them now and see what is happening in Dublin today.
If you are interested there is tour guide online which can help you learn about the rising and what happened.

These are some interesting   hasttags which I have found 

Have a nice journey into Ireland and its past history!

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