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Professional Development: Using curation Tools as a connected Educator

The Sixth step of my  Professional Development course online has an interesting topic: using Curation Tools.  The link to the step is here :

Content curation requires a lot of skills from reading about topics you are going to write about to sharing and creating content by using modern web tools.

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What I have been doing in the last years is a detailed research online of what I was interested in:
once I found what I thought I might use for reading and learning about   I bookmarked it by using some tools like Pocket and also  Pearltrees. I used Pocket to begin with and then checked the links and created my collection with Pearltrees.

Here is my collection of favourite websites or articles : I tried to find a way to organize them by topic and following some trendy ideas shared by other educators.

I really like Pinterest because I can use it for sharing useful webtools with other educators and I also follow some educators.
Pinterest is  a good tool for curating  content but  I am a fan of  Google  Apps as I usally share what I have learnt online by creating websites or  Google documents and Google Slides. 
I usually post these interesting  ideas on  what I have learnt online and when I am asked to do it  I also share them online. Most courses require this to help the learners share and learn together.
Here is the interesting Livebinder which has been created and shared by an Argentinian educator about the Mooc we have just finished- VWMOOC 2018.
I like livebinders but I have not used them yet.     Click here to open this binder in a new window.

I have written some posts online - we used a Moodle Platform and created some presentations : here is the one about the fourth week of the Mooc which I shared with the other teachers

I love images and videos but  I am only a beginner and  need to work on new tools which can help me write and summarize the ideas I have found interesting.

For sharing learning  I often use  Google sites and also images by using  Google Drawing.

Here is a short summary which focussed on what we learnt in a course about  Mentoring . I like Google Drawing because you can choose images and create your content by adding also hyperlinks.

In the last weeks I have used Thinglink for my reflections on a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE online:

I have no good technology at school but I think that if I had to help my students in writing posts for a blog I would share video tutorials with them.

Hopefully today the greatest educators share how to use new tools and I am sure I could manage.

Content curation is important  for your  PLN.

I became a connected educator and started using some tools by chance. Now I can see they are used widely.

 Blogging requires a lot of exercise and knowledge  but when you start it you will never stop !! 

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  1. Hi Tiziana,
    You sure do use a wide range of tools to help you curate and learn! It's quite inspiring. I've dabbled with some of the tools you mentioned. One I should probably use more is Pocket. It seems like a good way to bookmark on the go!
    Thanks for sharing some more great ideas!

  2. Thanks Kathleen. Pocket is my first tool used for bookmarking- I would never work without it. As I said it takes time to think about what you want to write about so my pocket is always online for checking websites and resources I like.