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#blogging 28 Teaching the Holocaust - reading the Diary by Anne Frank

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 Since I started using Twitter I have come across many resources for educators.

They have been  sharing many documents and materials online :now  I have many accounts online where I can find  lessons and tips. I have  collected many links and pdfs for my  lessons as I feel that teaching implies learning by using authentic materials and also  documents related to the past.
Usually students are more engaged and like to learn about events that are challenging and they love discussing about them.

In one of my posts of this year  I wrote about  a book which I had read and which  had been written by a holocaust survivor.
I have read many books about the life of people who were killed in the  dark age of  Nazism.
Like  Deborah Batiste  I have loved reading  Anne Frank's Diary. In an interesting post she shared why some people had an impact on her life :

I have met  Anne  Frank by reading her  pages and also my teacher  taught me about her.
I have never visited her house in Amsterdam but today many young students go to Amsterdam and visit the Museum -

Any time I teach the Holocaust I cannot but photocopy some pages taken from the Diary and comment in class about what is being  read: the book can be read online
thanks to   the Internet Archive:

For learners with a pre-intermediate level of English I choose some adapted texts with text and audio:

I also ask my students to see films in Italian and in English to learn more about the teenager who wrote about her wish to live in a better world and dreamed of a better world.

Sometimes books we have read can change our life but I also feel it is up to educators to teach about the Holocaust and  help the  young to reflect.  Anne Frank is still living among us and she is  helping us teach about the value of  respect. Something we do need to focus on in a society which seems to have forgotten what happened to many people who died in the concentration camps.

Anne Frank ( the whole story)

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