martedì 22 gennaio 2019

#blogging 28 Using QR codes for sharing materials

I am doing a course  about  QR Codes and it is part of an EVO SESSION for this year- EVO19
I am learning how to create them: you just need an extension in Chrome - it is called Quick QR Code Generator.
You right-click on the webpage you want to share and then you generate the code, you download the code and embed it in your blog/website.

Here is the QR Code for my second blog where I write posts about  the use of  technlogy or my experiences online as an educator:

Here you can see the QR Code for a post which I have just written for the students  I am teaching for CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH EXAMS: it is about writing an essay

Why using QR Codes?  It is simple and you can create materials online, share weblinks and get your learners engaged. Students can work with their smartphones and you can share a lot of documents and materials.

I am going to continue learning about  QR Codes and will post about it in the next days.

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  1. Hi Tiziana, I love QR codes-- they can be used in so many creative ways. I've created one for our community library event with a qr code linking our library website. You're right - a qr code can easily direct students to an online resource for their discussion and use. I took a course last year with part of it being QR codes: Module 9 QR Codes I use this generator because it saves the codes connected to my gmail account so I can edit them later:
    the-qrcode-generator. Thanks for sharing these ideas. ~ Sheri

    1. Thanks Sheri!
      Just have the time to check your post. I will check the source you mentioned.

  2. Hello Tiziana! Thank you for sharing your ideas. I think QR codes have great potential in the modern classroom. When I return to classroom teaching, I plan on using QR codes to direct students to outside resources such as solution sets for practice problems. I participated in the same course as Sheri (though probably not at the same time), and one part of the course asked us to practice using QR codes. Here's my post about using them if you are interested:

    I did find that some QR readers/scanner are more particular or picky than others, especially when scanning a computer screen. Just something to watch out for :) ~ Hailey

    1. Hi ! Thanks to you. I am going to explore the way we can use QR codes Thanks for sharing your post.

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