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     Some years ago I came across this  great resource for  teaching literature. It is a website where        you can find lessons and activities for  teaching reading for free. It is called  " CommonLiterature"            and it created by American educators who care for teaching while they do  not charge anything                for the service.
    You can find a lot of information online by going to these links : you will find the website , the        youtube channel and  the blog for educators.

I started using some readings  with my English language learners: I have not worked on the  whole    system online but  I must admit that it is  a really good source of  texts and  there are a lot of tools that    can help  struggling  learners.
Learners can work online and also download the texts, they can listen to the text in English and they        can search the meaning of unknown words online. These are great tools for struggling learners who        are not  used to working online and need to widen their language and reading skills. 

This is my short  recorded video about CommonLiterature-  I am not  speaking  but only showing how      easy it is to  work online and find texts. The webisite is  user-friendly  for learners and also for  educators.

I have created my account online and I regularly get emails about the webinars and the improvements    they have worked on. Whenever  I can I follow the  webinars where  they present how the website      works or  introduce some new  features. 
This is what they wrote us about the changes and improvements in the last mail:
  •  redesigned  Assignments page to show  more data and action steps upfront.
  •  assignment Report also got a makeover.
  •  new dashboards for assignments.
  •  improved  Sign Up experience.
Content Additions: 
New Features:
  • search by Most Popular Texts.
  • a Spanish-language version of the site (CommonLit Español).
Security & Privacy:
  • CommonLit is compliant with the EU's new privacy law, GDPR.
If you are new to this  fabulous website  just try to check it online and watch the recordings  which          they have  shared online.

Webinar about  Commonliterature ( 2018)

Webinar " Leveraging  Commonliterature's Digital Tools (2018)

I would recommend the website to any educators who is looking for lessons online and interesting  readings  in English.

The blog presents some ideas and information about how you can work  with your  students.
Since I love  teaching  topic-based lessons I am used to checking this  website and see what new
 topics I can work on with my students.

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