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New Skills for interpreting Texts Zanichelli COURSE 2018 Modules 1-2

I teach in Italy and  I have been working with my classes by using  some books by  Zanichelli.The Italian publisher has worked to implement  learning and thousands of educators have been trained online in the last years.
This is my third year with the use of the books published by Zanichelli and  I have been learning a lot as the books are supported by online tools and lots of  materials both for educators and students.
Currently I am using   Performer B1 - the new edition and in the third, fourth and fifth year of the secondary  school we have chosen   Compact  Performer, the book is  about   English Literature but  it offers a lot of links with today's world.

The books are available online and in print ; educators can rely on many resources for  helping learners and providing  help and support while learning. Educators can create collections of videos and materials online - Collezioni in Italian- and they also rely on online  tools for creating tests.
You can choose the topics and then select exercises from a rich database.

Last winter  I could do an interesting course online-New Skills for interpreting Texts-, it was my second  course with ZANICHELLI and I really loved the work carried out with us.
I am here to say that I have developed as an educator thanks to them. When I did my first course with them I had not used their books in the cloud, now I can  use part of the  tasks they have created in the editions of their books as  I am  using them.

The course which I took in the winter had an interesting title " New  Skills for interpreting  Texts" and  I felt I should do it as teaching reading and literature is a great challenge. My passion is literature and  I think that  literature can enhance our student's learning. We just need to approach the teaching of literature in a new way.

The Learning Platform was  Cloudschool and  I really liked working with the other  educators as it is  user-friendly and everybody can work online in an easy way.

We had to follow  4 modules, we were  guided into the  Platform by   doing Module 0 as an introduction.
Module  0 was focussed on the platform which is offered to teachers in Italy




The four  modules were focussed on practical activities and how we could work with texts in our lessons:

In  Module  1  we were guided to help our learners to become  critics: we worked on some simple tools  like using  adobe acrobat reader and annotating the text in a pdf- this is quite easy and useful.

  • Create a pdf document of a text you would like your learners to analyse and use Adobe Reader to annotate the text to show how your students might annotate the document.

Here is the task which I created 

I really liked the way you can work on a text and work with comments and brainstorming ideas.

In Module 2 we worked on Feedback: here you can find a collection of  activities we worked and shared on Padlet

Here is my task for module 2 : I used  Nearpod, which a  nice tool ,but I realized that the basic account doesn't offer many activities. You will have to rely on a  premium account to have access to many lessons and to use it .

In my next post I will describe modules 3-4.

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