domenica 30 dicembre 2018

Memories from 2018

What I have achieved this year.

I have been thinking about what I have been doing so far.

First of all I have met many educators online and shared with them ideas and learnt a lot. Thanks to the Moocs which I have finished I have become part of an online community of  educators  living in Europe and  in many parts of the world, from the USA to Argentina, Brazil and Australia.

I have learnt how to use some new webtools and  I am going to learn more about  new ways of learning.

I have tried to widen my horizon and  now  I am aware of the challenges which I have to face.

I have  worked online as an educator with  courses for my students ; I have  used  the LMS  Weschool - for  uploading lessons and sharing materials with them.

Together with the  Erasmus  Team in my school  we are now  taking part in the ERASMUS PLUS Project  for  mobility of  teachers which will be followed  by a group of teachers who will  spend some time  abroad to learn about   other schools, methodologies and also bettering  their English language .
Our mobility Project is online   and it is called Reach : in October we  presented it to the community in  Reggio Emilia

The abstract of the Project is online and it is available also in Italian :

I worked online to learn more  about English IGCSE  exams which  I will have to prepare in my school  in 20120; this is something I am worried about  as I have never prepared students for this type of exams.

What I need to do to improve  

There are many things which I need to improve in my  way of  working and planning. I need to better my way of dealing with  problems in a school which is changing. Families are demanding and  sometimes I feel that I am overwhelmed and under pressure.

I will have to deal with  Special Education Needs and to cope with the challanges of a school which does not  get much  financial help.

I feel I am not a giant but  I need to bear  the burden of  preparing students who are not willing to learn.

Right now I am finishing a course  online about   Flipped Learning and Cooperative Learning on the Italian  platform  Pearson.
I would like to work online and provide support to my learners. I find that   this approach is interesting as it seems to be focussed on the students  and provide more  engagement in the lessons.
The Italian  translation is  " Il Metodo Rossi"  , the slide is  available online  IL METODO ROSSI SLIDE

My Hopes for the future

I am willing to  continue learning and sharing with other educators and being able to  build a better learning environment for my students.

Ready to go on learning !


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